Welcome to Generation (M)averick: a girl-driven movement of independent thinkers, innovators, and groundbreakers whose vision and energy will change the world.


Maverick is a collaboration platform for girls and their allies. It gives them opportunities to put their ideas into action, to actively create, innovate and compete, and to experience what it feels like to take risks and to fail and succeed in those risks. It offers them the space and support that they need to develop and exercise new habits of power, so that they can retain their power and use it even when society tells them that they shouldn’t. It makes it possible for girls to enthusiastically and unapologetically take up space.

Mavericks are girls who will break new ground and create new futures – futures in which they invent technologies, disrupt industries, build companies, and change the culture. Mavericks are girls who will change the world.

This is Generation (M)averick. Welcome.




Catherine Connors

Award-winning writer and founder of Demeter Media Group; former Editor-in-Chief of Disney Interactive Family, Babble Media, and Cricket Magazines


Brooke Chaffin

Former SVP of Women & Family, and Head of Business Operations at Disney Interactive, President of Auditude, and Head of Content & Strategy, Yahoo Media Group


Sara Hirsh Bordo

Founder & CEO

Women Rising

Jill Adams


Oprah/Huffington Post

Erin McPherson

Chief Content Officer


Carrie Davis


Live Nation Entertainment

Dee Poku

Founder & CEO

Women, Inspiration & Enterprise

Michael Streefland

Marketing Strategist, Disney, Facebook, Univision

Ana Roca Castro


Genius Plaza

Derrick Kayongo


Center for Civil &
Human Rights

Amy Stanton


Stanton & Company

Deborah Richman

Former Head of Turning Point School

Heather Moosnick

Director of Content Partnerships


Lee Rierson

Media Business Consultant, Previously Fremantle, Reveille, ABC

Craig Kielburger


WE Day & the WE Movement

Sally Horchow

Broadway Producer, Lifestyle Expert, and Journalist